Uncertainty Academy

Poetry Clinic

Poetry Clinic offers a remedy to cultivate new relationships among readers, poets, and poems in a time of profound uncertainty. It is online platform for poets to engage with readers looking for a poetic response to living, including rituals, losses, and wonder.

Arts and Catastrophe

An eco-art zine that brings together work from activists and artists using tarot, mixtape, collage and poetry. Part of a project on socially engaged, political art and practice.

Navigating Uncertainty Workshops

These workshops respond to the overwhelming uncertainty experienced by people at the individual and collective level in the context of the climate crisis and other social and environmental challenges. In collaboration with Vermont State University, this workshop engages with a range of writings from environmental science, neuroscience, poetry and anthropology to examine psychological uncertainty, climate […]

Swamped: the podcast series

Swamped: What experts do when they no longer know what to do focuses on stories of uncertainty. We speak with disaster responders, scientists, theologians, sanitation workers, poets, teachers, and morticians and others who face overwhelming situations. The show is rooted in the belief that we have a lot to learn from each other when we […]