Uncertainty Academy

एषः कम्पः मां स्थिरं करोति

the shaking keeps me steady


Experimental Arts

We work with poets, fiction writers, film makers, musicians and sound artists to develop community-engaged arts practices that respond to individual and collective experiences of uncertainty.

Transformative Education

We design curricula for schools, universities and community garden programming with an emphasis on curating spaces that bring together the arts, ecology and social justice and engage critically with sources of climate anxiety.

Narrative Strategy and Organizational Change

We help design narrative strategy for non-profits, educational organizations and community-based social movement builders. We bring a reflexive, culturally-competent and scientifically-based approach.

Resilience in Crisis

We apply interdisciplinary expertise in mental health to work with diverse populations on resilience building using clinical, literary and research tools. We specialize in approaches that foreground the needs of youth, marginalized communities and migrant populations.


About Us

Uncertainty Academy is an experimental space to build relationships and tools that respond to our moment of cascading crises. We nurture collaborations among artists, scholars, educators and activists to understand what it means to live in a human body in a world of surprises and contingencies. Our goal is to cultivate practices that help individuals, organizations and communities across different landscapes to flourish* in a world that often outstrips our ability to predict. 

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Suparna Choudhury

Suparna Choudhury is an interdisciplinary researcher and writer, positioned between academic and community-based research, as well as experimental arts and healing. She trained in neuroscience, history and philosophy of science and creative writing in London, Paris, Berlin, and Vermont. She is based in Montreal, where she established Critical Neuroscience at McGill University, a research program which examines the social, cultural and political contexts of neuroscience and its implications for society. She is currently co-director of Uncertainty Academy, a Berggruen Institute fellow of the Future Humans program and a member of the Educational Ecologies Collective. She co-directs the Family Care Collective, a Montreal-based community organization, and is working on a hybrid fiction manuscript about wild things — flowers, brains, hearts and cities. 


Joshua Moses

Joshua Moses has worked on religious response to the attacks of September 11th and Hurricane Katrina, studying the formation of disaster expertise (“disaster religious and spiritual care”) in what he calls the current “New Age of Anxiety.”  Joshua’s focus on action research, collaborative research methods, and community-engaged research has led him to work with a number of Philadelphia-area community and environmental organizations. His work on anthropology of mental health has focused on the production of knowledge in the context of disaster, intersections of spirituality/religion and mental health, and community response to disaster, environmental ruptures, and inequality. He is committed to combining research and teaching. He piloted a field school with students from Haverford College, University of Massachusetts and Inupiaq Alaskan youth in Northwest Alaska. Joshua also focuses on the response of educational institutions to climate change, and the ways we are (or are not) preparing students for futures that society itself struggles to imagine.


Please direct inquiries to info@uncertaintyacademy.org